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South Africa HIV/Aids statistics:

HIV/AIDS is perceived to be more prevalent in South Africa than anywhere else worldwide.

South Africa has 7 million people living with HIV and the largest antiretroviral therapy programme in the world.

About 12% of the South African population is affected by HIV/AIDS; excluding children, that percentage rises to 18%.

How HIV/Aids continues to affect women and children:

More than 2.3 million children in South Africa have been orphaned by HIV and AIDS. Orphans are particularly vulnerable to HIV transmission; they are often at risk of being forced into sex, have sex in exchange for support, and typically become sexually active earlier than other children.

The worst affected children - those in deeply impoverished households - lose their parents, their families, and their social network.

The lack of a social security net and high levels of unemployment mean poor households and communities slip further into poverty and deprivation. Invariably the burden of coping falls on women, particularly girls and grandmothers.

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On a positive note:

Over the last 10 years life expectancy at birth has risen from age 43 to age 62.

The estimated number of AIDS related death in 2015 was 180,000 down from 2005 when it was between 320,000 and 520,000.