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This St. John Business will Rebuild

10/17/2017 |

Read more about our HFL friends on St John who were caught in the crosshairs of Hurricane Irma. Chirag ‘Cheech’ Vyas and Kevin Chipman, two young entrepreneurs living in St John but not quite making ends meet yet, donated all of the beer and soda for ‘One Magical Ev ...

International Day of the Girl Child

10/11/2017 |

Support a Child at Vhutshilo Mountain School. ...

St. John Update: Cristina Kessler

10/7/2017 |

'One Magical Evening' Event

  We, at Hope for Limpopo, cherish the many friends we have made from all over the world. We were extremely concerned when we heard of the devastation that occurred on St John, US Virgin islands as a result of category 5 Hurricane Irma which hit St John with 150 mph winds. St John was the location ...

Compassion and Condolences

9/8/2017 |

Our hearts here at HFL go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Please know that we are all thinking of you with great concern and compassion.  “Ka vha sale” ...

'Positive Teens on the Run!' Run Strong and Proud!

8/1/2017 |

  Congratulations to team VMS 'Positive Teens on the Run'  they did very well on Saturday running the Foskor Half Marathon in Phalaborwa.  Running proud, Wamashudu finished 10km in 47 min, Khuthi in 1 hour and Rabelani ran 21km in 2 hours!   Thank you Mr. Mathumba from Vhembe Athletic Club ...

You Did It!

7/13/2017 |

  Thanks to our HFL friends and 57 committed donors, we have surpassed our $5000 goal by raising $5,158 for POSITIVE TEENS ON THE RUN! Our teens are thrilled and can hardly believe that so many people have responded to their plea. This is the first time many of these youn ...

Will we graduate today?

6/30/2017 |

  Today is the last “official” day for our PTOR campaign and we’d LOVE to reach our $5000 goal by midnight. We’ve received over $3000 from 54 donors and are more than grateful for the support we’ve received from all over the world! A $10 contribution bring ...

2 Days to Go...

6/29/2017 |

Two days to go...Please continue to share! ...$2976.00 raised towards our goal of $5000.00!... Thank you for you ...

We Are Close!

6/28/2017 |

  We asked. You heard. You responded. We asked for help raising $5000 from 40 different donors so we could all assist HIV+ teens to move forward in their lives. You responded with $2,266.00 from 50 donors! We are so close. We have 3 more days to reach this goal. Sti ...

'Positive Teens on the Run!' One Runner's words..

6/27/2017 |

  Support this group of committed youngsters from severely disadvantaged families who openly declare their HIV+ status as runners and demonstrate healthy lifestyles! Read More

Our Gift to You

6/22/2017 |

  Thanks to committed followers, we are moving closer to our goal of $5000. At the close of this campaign we will blindly choose 10 donors to receive a packet of 8 beautiful HFL photo notecards as a symbol of our gratitude. If you haven’t do ...

One Goal Reached!

6/22/2017 |

  Click here to Meet Philly, A 'Positive Teen on the Run!' Runner As of this morning we have 44 donors! Our task is to reach $5,000 from 40 different donors. Than ...

'Positive Teens on the Run!' Run for Ronewa

6/21/2017 |

  Let's not lose another teen!    $10 makes a big difference! Click here to make your donation. ...

Today Is Bonus Day!

6/20/2017 |

What does that mean to HFL? From 9 am to 11:59 EDT today ONLY, Global Giving will match donations at 20%. If you haven’t already gifted to this wonderful cause, please DO consider giving any amount. $10 makes a big differe ...

'Postive Teens on the Run' in action...

6/20/2017 |

  'Positive Teens on the Run!' grow strong while eradicating AIDS discrimination among youth. Consider helping... Donate to 'Positive Teens ...

Positive Teens on the Run and Peter Pan

6/19/2017 |

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” … Peter Pan

  “Thank You!” to HFL follower Renee and J.M. Barrie, for reminding us WHY we are helping the PTOR HIV+ teens undertake the eradication of AIDS discrimination among adolescents. Please, help these teens continue to “fly.”  Read More

A 'Positive Teen on the Run!'

6/15/2017 |

“When I run, I am proud of myself. I am strong, and I forget all my troubles…when I grow up, I want to be a doctor.”  Read More

A Special Tribute to Dads

6/14/2017 |

What better way to honor your father than to make a worthy donation to Positive Teens on the Run! in your Dad’s name. E Cards or Printable Gift Cards are availa ...

Thanks! For Helping Us Launch ‘Positive Teens On the Run!'

6/13/2017 |

  We are grateful to the 5 donors who launched our campaign and have taken us $300 closer to helping S.A. teens end the stigma associated with HIV+/AIDS. Please donate if you can and do ...

Help us Launch Positive Teens on the Run on Global Giving!

6/12/2017 |

  Help us launch “Positive Teens on the Run” on Global Giving! Our Goal is to raise $5000 from 40 donors by June 30th.  A $10 donation makes a differen ...

An Invitation to Help End the Stigma of HIV/Aids for SA Adolescents

6/8/2017 |

HFL has been invited to participate in a Global Giving Accelerator crowdfunding campaign to support our HIV+ adolescents in South Africa. These youth have chosen to turn their backs on prejudice, disclose their HIV/AIDS status, live healthy lifestyles and urge their peers to do the s ...

Coming Soon!

6/7/2017 |

Positive Teens on the Run!   A running group of HIV+ South African adolescents determined “to turn our positive status into a positive inspiration for change and awareness, to help end stigma and discrimination throughout the world.”

Read More

Generosity From a Netherlands Author

6/7/2017 |

In keeping with the HFL goal of ending the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, Hijltje Vink, author of Brenda Has a Dragon in Her Blood, generously sent us her remaining French language picture books for a worthy cause. Having read our blogs (see Blogs Read More

TVEP Training/Capacity Building

5/22/2017 |

  Deborah Sambo, TVEP's HR and Admin Manager, spoke to HFL about the lack of capacity building for the employees of the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program. Improved English speaking, writing and presentation skills are needed. HFL is anxious to talk to a teacher who is interested in a one year ...

TVEP’s Trauma and HIV Services

5/22/2017 |

  Trauma Counselor, Nkhumi Tshivasa, spoke in detail to HFL about the 2 trauma centers staffed 24/7 by TVEP. Both trauma centers are located on the grounds of local hospitals and operate 365 days a year.  When victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse and/or severe trauma arrive, they are assigned a ...

“Thank You, Sophia!” TVEP’s Empowerment Coordinator

5/3/2017 |

Sophia visiting classroom at Tshilidzini Special School

  HFL’s successful fact finding visit to South Africa and specifically to the NGO’s that we support can be credited to Sophia Kekana, the Empowerment Coordinator at the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program. No ...

TVEP’s Access to Justice Program

4/20/2017 |

Hope for Limpopo recently met with Access to Justice’s management leader, Fhatuwani Manthada. We learned how TVEP provides legal assistance to physical and sexual abuse victims and confirms that the justice system will follow through with its o ...

HFL Meets TVEP Management Team

4/11/2017 |

The Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program (TVEP) is an NGO in the Limpopo Province of South Africa which HFL proudly supports. TVEP provides support, prevention, and empowerment services in five areas including HIV/AIDS; child abuse; domestic violence; sexual assault; and LGBTI issues. While in South Africa ...

'Thank you' from Vhutshilo Mountain School

4/4/2017 |

  To our Supporters, the following note was received today from Vhutshilo Mountain School. This message is really for each of&n ...

Permaculture: Creating a Sustainable Future at VMS

3/29/2017 |

  “Permaculture (is) a system of perennial agriculture that works with and not against nature, emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.” In June of 2016, HFL assisted VMS caregivers and gardeners.  Caregivers received trai ...

A Generous Act of Harmony

3/22/2017 |

Cristina Kessler, notable children’s book author and longtime friend and supporter of Hope for Limpopo, is sharing the “gentle (typical) side of Islam” through her free give-away program of the book One Night…A Story From the Desert. Cristina ...

HFL Featured in a Be Inspired Promo

3/16/2017 |

Imagine our surprise when we heard from an HFL supporter who came across our NGO domain being advertised in a ‘BE INSPIRED new domain extensions in action' promotion. Check it out! Thank you, enom for offering Hope for Limpopo as an example of “Inspirat ...

A Long Road to Beautiful Beads

3/14/2017 |

Skills training, self sufficiency and self sustaining projects have always been among Hope for Limpopo’s primary goals for our friends living in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. In July of 2009, while visiting Leshiba Wilderness, we were ...

Madhi A Thavha Provides Training

3/8/2017 |

In our South Africa travels we visited Marcelle and Arthur, the owners of Madi A Thavha Mountain Lodge in the Soutpansburg Mountains in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo. Marcelle is a well-respected and successful businesswoman who has taken a special interest in ...

A message to VMS Sponsors

3/6/2017 |

Vhutshilo Mountain School Children 2017

While visiting the Vhutshilo Mountain School, we picked up the pictures, reports, and sample school work of each child who is currently being supported by a generous sponsor.  Sponsors, your packets are in the mail! We are always in need of individuals or groups who wish to support a vulnerable child so ...

We’re back from our South Africa visit…

2/27/2017 |

We’ve returned from our trip to South Africa and fact-finding visit to our charities in Limpopo Province. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing information on the progress of the programs and projects we support at the Vhutshilo Mountain School, the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program and the Ts ...

The New Year Begins with a Positive Story!

12/30/2016 |

We begin the New Year sharing a ‘feel-good’ story with a very positive ending. On August 27, 2015 we blogged about ‘A Positive Teen on the Run’. Philly, a young HIV+ boy who had been a member of the VMS Support Group from the tender age of 7 was the star.  Teresa, our cherished VMS ...

It’s Here…A New Year and HFL’s New Web Site!

12/29/2016 |

Our new website is live! To access the website click on the logo or website address at the top of the page. We appreciate your feedback…to make the new site interactive, provide for easy navigation and inform on all things HFL. We remain thankful to web developers Nancy Paris and Dimitri ...

It’s Time to Head Back To South Africa!

12/27/2016 |

  We never take your donations for granted. It’s important to us that we monitor where and how your money is spent. It's time to head back to South Africa to check on the charities you so graciously support. These trips are important but infrequent since the expense is always on us and NOT o ...

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!

12/24/2016 |

A sincere “Thank you!” to everyone who has created a ‘gift opportunity’ for an impoverished child in the Limpopo Province of South Africa through a donation to Hope for Limpopo. You have truly put smiles on children’s faces and joy in their hearts.< ...

What Will It Take To Save Our Children?

12/1/2016 |

Too frequently we receive sad news from Sue-Ann, Director of VMS, announcing yet another young, preventable death. “Last week, Andries, a young boy of 14 died.” By the time Andries was admitted to the hospital, he ...

Cyber Month Giving

11/28/2016 |

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Giving Tuesday? Any Day? We invite you to share your eagerness to assist others in an automatic way that takes no additional effort or cost on your part. Throughout this holiday gift-giving season bring hope to vulnerable children ...

We Are Giving "Thanks" for You!

2016-11-02 |

During this wonderful season of ‘thanks giving’ we offer every one of you our deepest gratitude for your kind thoughts, well wishes and countless offerings of support for the impoverished children, women and families living in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Our own Thanksgiving wish is for ...

Wavho is an 'International Peace Prize' Nominee

10/30/2016 | Hope for Limpopo

In early March 2016, HFL supporter Cristina Kessler nominated our own Vhuhwavho Nevhungoni (whom we affectionately call “Woo”) for the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize. The International Children’s Peace Prize is awarded annually to a ...

A Different Sort of 'Contribution'

03/02/2016 | Hope for Limpopo

We have always claimed that ‘finances’ aren’t the only means of supporting Hope for Limpopo, Inc. Encouraging friends to become followers, sharing the HFL website with others, in-kind assistanc ...

2015 Vhutshilo Mountain School Newsletter

03/28/16 | Sue Anne

Dear Sponsors, Thank you for sponsoring child(ren) from Vhutshilo Mountain School (VMS). This has been a particularly challenging year for us financially. South Africa is going through an economic slump and the drought ...

The New Year Begins with a Positive Story!

1/02/17 |

We begin the New Year sharing a ‘feel-good’ story with a very positive ending. On August 27, 2015 we blogged about ‘A Positive Teen on the Run’. Philly, a young HIV+ boy who had been a member of the VMS Support Group from the tender age of 7 was the star.  Teresa, our cherished VMS PC vo ...