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Vhutshilo Mountain School 4th Term Update

11/4/2021 |


Update from VMS's Director:

Lockdown levels from Covid-19 fluctuated, effecting school activities through September 15th. Currently at a Level 1, children are allowed to participate in some physical activity (like dancing) subject to Covid-19 compliance. Also, children age 12 and older are now able to get vaccinated.

As you can imagine, the teachers, staff and children miss giving and receiving hugs. While all staff are vaccinated, we do not want to take any risks.

The Director and staff are currently preparing for the older children’s graduation ceremony on November 26th, the school’s holiday party on December 10th and working on 2022 registrations for current and new children. Interest in and attendance at VMS remains positive.

The Zwonaka Network Project (described in earlier posts and newsletters) is making good progress and the young women in the program are flourishing.

Watch for VMS's 2021 Newsletter, coming soon.

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