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Category: VMS

Joe and Cristina Kessler

5/14/2024 |

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our friends and longtime Hope for Limpopo supporters, Joe and Cristina Kessler, died in a tragic accident recently. Cristina was an award-winning author, photographer and world traveler. Although she and Joe had traveled to over 175 countries, a b ...

Vhutshilo Mountain School - 1st Term Highlights 2024

5/5/2024 |

Dear Vhutshilo Mountain School community, Each year is a new and exciting opportunity for us, as every child’s story is yet to be told. We are honored to be the beginning chapter in these children's educational adventure. Whether it’s a child’s first day at pre-school or a returning VMS student, eve ...

Vhutshilo Mountain School - 3rd Term Highlights - 2023

9/6/2023 |

On July 18, after three weeks of winter holidays, our students returned. Our enrollment now totals 108 children: 6 in grade 2, 14 in grade 1, 27 in grade R, 32 in pre-school and 29 in toddler class. Since our return, besides the regular daily activities, teachers and staff have been busy attending Department of ...

Vhutshilo Mountain School, Term 2, April 2023

5/15/2023 |

It was wonderful to return to the classrooms after a two-week Easter holiday. I am grateful to have our children back and our classrooms once again filled with the laughter and optimism that only they can bring. Our current enrollment is 98! Parents Consulting Meeting…. It takes a community to r ...

Feeding the school and community

9/17/2020 |

VMS vegetable garden flourishes with vegetables which provides food for the school and families.  This year alone there were 19 home vegetable gardens and VMS produced over 3000 seedlings.  Half of the seedlings produced were donated to families in need. ...

VMS Youth Community Outreach Program

9/6/2020 |

Youth on a Mission Thanks to a recent grant from Mercury Phoenix Trust UK, four of our peer educators have been employed.  They are members of VMS HIV+ support group ‘Youth on a Mission.’  Their task is to address HIV/AIDS prevention amongst teenagers in the community.&n ...

Our Gift to You

6/22/2017 |

  Thanks to committed followers, we are moving closer to our goal of $5000. At the close of this campaign we will blindly choose 10 donors to receive a packet of 8 beautiful HFL photo notecards as a symbol of our gratitude. If you haven’t do ...

One Goal Reached!

6/22/2017 |

  Click here to Meet Philly, A 'Positive Teen on the Run!' Runner As of this morning we have 44 donors! Our task is to reach $5,000 from 40 different donors. Than ...

'Positive Teens on the Run!' Run for Ronewa

6/21/2017 |

  Let's not lose another teen!    $10 makes a big difference! Click here to make your donation. ...

Wavho is an 'International Peace Prize' Nominee

10/30/2016 | Hope for Limpopo

In early March 2016, HFL supporter Cristina Kessler nominated our own Vhuhwavho Nevhungoni (whom we affectionately call “Woo”) for the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize. The International Children’s Peace Prize is awarded annually to a ...