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Vhutshilo Mountain School, Term 2, April 2023

5/15/2023 |

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It was wonderful to return to the classrooms after a two-week Easter holiday. I am grateful to have our children back and our classrooms once again filled with the laughter and optimism that only they can bring. Our current enrollment is 98!

Parents Consulting Meeting….

It takes a community to raise our children. We work with our parents and guardians to share goals and expectations for their children.

We encourage new parents to have a personal relationship with children, staff, teachers and family members, believing that the well-being of our students both at home and school are important. We ensure that everyone is involved and knows what is expected of them and their children. Our parents meeting across all grades took place on April 13, 2023. During the meeting guardians raised concerns that children continue to struggle with the loss of their parents. While our teachers include play therapy in their lessons that help children process these difficult situations, we also refer these families to Siloam Hospital for grief counseling. Following the meeting, parents and guardians went home with a large food parcel, including second-hand clothing for the upcoming winter season.

Award Competitions….

Three of our athletes returned from last term’s competitions with shining medals around their necks, feeling happy and proud. Two won in the running competition and one in the bean bag toss. The children and their teachers have our highest admiration. Now we begin to prepare our students to take part in the traditional dance competitions.

A New Educator….

A new teacher, Mr. Tshifhiwa Ravhutulu, has been hired. He holds a foundation phase bachelor degree in education and brings 2 years of prior teaching experience. Mr. Ravhutulu will be instructing second grade. We are thrilled to have him join our team at VMS.

Vegetable garden

We continue to provide fresh produce from our garden for our less fortunate children and families. Our current harvest includes large and delicious carrots (my personal favorite). We are so very appreciative of the volunteers who come and work in the VMS gardens.

Loss of our Deputy Chair...

On April 28, 2023, we mourned the death of our deputy chair, Mr. Nengwenani Elias, following a short illness. Mr. Nengwenani Elias has been a part of VMS from its start and has always been supportive of our needs, big or small. The staff and other board members went to support the family through the day of the funeral, May 4, 2023. We are all heartbroken and will miss him dearly.

Local businesses become more involved

The Louis Trichard AUM Group members were unable to donate winter blankets this year as they also assist several other non-profits. We are fortunate, however, that they did provide many used children's clothing and toys.

Fiona Thomas, owner of Aunty Fee's Montessori Gems in Louis Trichardt, also regularly provides us with secondhand clothing and toys, as well as educational material and insight.

We continue to feel incredibly grateful for the help of the local community.

The Community of Scotland

The Scots continue to support VMS. The congregation organizes special fundraisers and individual members supply birthday gifts for the school children.

A gift from Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, who asked friends and family to donate to VMS when they celebrated their golden anniversary, allowed us to finish building our restrooms. Their generosity is sincerely appreciated. We appreciate everything they do and thank both the McNeil and Roberts family for their continued support.

The non-profit Hope for Limpopo

The American organization, Hope for Limpopo continue to provide support. This year an amazing 30 children are being supported by Hope for Limpopo benefactors. We are very grateful to the founders, Jo Ann and Nancy, and especially to each individual sponsor.

It takes a village and, in our case, a multitude of individuals and organizations to help educate and care for our children. We are forever appreciative and grateful for you all!

Warmest regards,

Khathu Nemafhohoni, Director

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