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Joe and Cristina Kessler5/14/2024
Vhutshilo Mountain School - 1st Term Highlights 20245/5/2024
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Vhutshilo Mountain School – February/April 2021 Newsletter5/12/2021
A Message from Vhutshilo Mountain School Director12/30/2020
Feeding the school and community9/17/2020
VMS Youth Community Outreach Program 9/6/2020
Currently at Vhutshilo Mountain School:8/11/2020
Vhutshilo Mountain School Supports Children and Families5/6/2020
2019 Vhutshilo Mountain School Update 4/18/2020
HFL Funds a Pilot Program Supporting Women's Education and Health6/27/2019
Seven Zimbabwean Teenagers Have Been Living Under a Tree for Almost a Year6/7/2019
2019 Vhutshilo Mountain School Newsletter5/20/2019
Happy New Year!12/31/2018
Happy Holidays From The Children of Vhutshilo Mountain School!12/24/2018
Sharing a moving tribute to Vhutshilo Mountain School12/2/2018
World AIDS Day12/1/2018
Giving Tuesday11/27/2018
The Republican on Hope for Limpopo...11/19/2018
With Deep Sadness 11/2/2018
Listen to Cristina on Voice of America10/14/2018
Warm Blankets Donated by Aums Group...7/9/2018
Positive Beads...7/5/2018
Vhutshilo Mountain School Celebration6/27/2018
Celebrate Father's Day - Send Wandeme to School6/7/2018
I Need Your Help5/27/2018
Will you sponsor Alilali? 5/25/2018
VMS Clothing Shop Open Every Thursday5/17/2018
Vhutshilo Mountain School - New Opportunity to Market Beads5/16/2018
This Mother's Day Give the Gift of Education5/6/2018
VMS has water tanks donated.4/10/2018
Thank you for your continued support...4/8/2018
VMS Women Attend Siloam Hospital Workshop3/15/2018
Vhutshilo Mountain School News3/15/2018
Getting Fit!3/13/2018
Thank You to Teacher Mashudu!3/9/2018
Another Income Generating VMS Program: Clothing Kiosk3/8/2018
VMS Seedling Program A Success3/8/2018
Happy International Women's Day!3/8/2018
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!12/22/2017
World Aids Day12/1/2017
It's GivingTuesday!11/27/2017
Giving Tuesday is November 28!11/26/2017
Happy Thanksgiving!11/21/2017
Our VMS Preschool Winners!11/11/2017
The Healing Touch Program Interrupted by Hurrican Irma10/25/2017
One Month until ‘Giving Tuesday!’ 10/25/2017
This St. John Business will Rebuild10/17/2017
International Day of the Girl Child10/11/2017
St. John Update: Cristina Kessler10/7/2017
Compassion and Condolences9/8/2017
'Positive Teens on the Run!' Run Strong and Proud!8/1/2017
You Did It!7/13/2017
Will we graduate today?6/30/2017
2 Days to Go...6/29/2017
We Are Close!6/28/2017
'Positive Teens on the Run!' One Runner's words..6/27/2017
Our Gift to You6/22/2017
One Goal Reached!6/22/2017
'Positive Teens on the Run!' Run for Ronewa6/21/2017
Today Is Bonus Day!6/20/2017
'Postive Teens on the Run' in action...6/20/2017
Positive Teens on the Run and Peter Pan6/19/2017
A 'Positive Teen on the Run!' 6/15/2017
A Special Tribute to Dads6/14/2017
Thanks! For Helping Us Launch ‘Positive Teens On the Run!'6/13/2017
Help us Launch Positive Teens on the Run on Global Giving!6/12/2017
An Invitation to Help End the Stigma of HIV/Aids for SA Adolescents 6/8/2017
Coming Soon!6/7/2017
Generosity From a Netherlands Author6/7/2017
TVEP Training/Capacity Building 5/22/2017
TVEP’s Trauma and HIV Services 5/22/2017
“Thank You, Sophia!” TVEP’s Empowerment Coordinator5/3/2017
TVEP’s Access to Justice Program 4/20/2017
HFL Meets TVEP Management Team4/11/2017
'Thank you' from Vhutshilo Mountain School4/4/2017
Permaculture: Creating a Sustainable Future at VMS3/29/2017
A Generous Act of Harmony3/22/2017
HFL Featured in a Be Inspired Promo3/16/2017
A Long Road to Beautiful Beads3/14/2017
Madhi A Thavha Provides Training3/8/2017
A message to VMS Sponsors3/6/2017
We’re back from our South Africa visit…2/27/2017
The New Year Begins with a Positive Story!12/30/2016
It’s Here…A New Year and HFL’s New Web Site!12/29/2016
It’s Time to Head Back To South Africa!12/27/2016
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!12/24/2016
Teens don't adhere to ARV programs12/1/2016
Giving Thanks11/13/2016
International Peace Prize Nominee10/30/2016
A Different Sort of 'Contribution'10/30/2016
2015 VMS Newsletter10/30/2016
The New Year Begins with a Positive Story!1/02/17