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Permaculture: Creating a Sustainable Future at VMS

3/29/2017 |



“Permaculture (is) a system of perennial agriculture that works with and not against nature, emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.”

In June of 2016, HFL assisted VMS caregivers and gardeners.  Caregivers received training in learning to create and manage a permaculture garden. This successful program became a catalyst for teaching the importance of good nutrition for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Joyce and Evelyn have become permaculture experts and with the assistance of Caroline, they are able to grow and sell enough food at VMS to replenish necessary garden supplies, provide healthy vegetables for the daily meals at Vhutshilo Mountain School and food packages for many of the local vulnerable families. 

Currently they produce 100% organic vegetables and have assisted 10 local families in using this method.  They continue to educate the community about permaculture and the health benefits it provides while preserving the environment.

Thanks to your generosity, one of HFL’s goals of encouraging self sustaining programs has been realized.

Evelyn and Joyce would now like to start an agricultural nursery, propagating and selling landscaping plants.  HFL will be encouraging them and with your help we will assist their efforts with funds for a lawn mower needed to generate mulch as well as materials for a retail kiosk among other necessities.

If you are interested in helping to establish this worthwhile cause, please consider making a donation.

Thank You for making a difference.


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