Hope For Limpopo

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A Long Road to Beautiful Beads

3/14/2017 |


Skills training, self sufficiency and self sustaining projects have always been among Hope for Limpopo’s primary goals for our friends living in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

In July of 2009, while visiting Leshiba Wilderness, we were offered an unused kiln and the services of a 16 year old South African boy who, with HFL support, was willing to teach women in the VMS Support Group how to make glass beads from recycled bottles. The task proved difficult to master with many of the women eventually dropping out of the project.

Mpho, a single mother and primary support for her child, her elderly parents and younger sister, persevered and mastered the art. With the creative assistance of Marcella and regular workshops offered at Madi A Thavha, Mpho is creating beautiful, quality jewelry. With the income from the sale of her jewelry, Mpho is able to supplement the meager pension and small disability grant the family receives.


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