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The Healing Touch Program Interrupted by Hurrican Irma

10/25/2017 |



Think Hurricane Irma is “old news’? Our friends Cary and Barb are still living it.

We met St John friends Cary and Barb many years ago when they contacted HFL asking if their background in massage could benefit our South African friends. We are grateful that this resulted in the creation of the Healing Touch program.

Cary & Barb traveled from their St John home to South Africa to teach our HIV/AIDS caregivers the benefits of massage and healing touch. Their introductory workshop classes and supervised practice brought much needed palliative relief to our suffering SA friends.

Barb’s correspondence assured us that they were physically fine. Cary relays “…the reality of this disaster is almost beyond comprehension….we have major cleanup and damage to our home” …  (they arrived stateside) “…shaking, shocked, barely able to complete a sentence and oh so so grateful…”

Our friends were daunted but not broken. They have rescheduled their Sept flight to Limpopo and now hope to arrive sometime in December to continue the program they started.

Cary and Barb represent ‘selflessness’ at its finest!

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