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TVEP’s Access to Justice Program

4/20/2017 |


Hope for Limpopo recently met with Access to Justice’s management leader, Fhatuwani Manthada. We learned how TVEP provides legal assistance to physical and sexual abuse victims and confirms that the justice system will follow through with its own mandates. They prepare women and children for court and provide support and reassurance throughout testimonies and follow up care. This small team of 3 provides individualized support to an average of 145 clients each month.

Fhatuwani has suggested 3 areas TVEP needs assistance with:

  1. access to sanitary products for young girls so they no longer miss multiple days of school each month which negatively impacts their schooling
  2. repairs to the ZoZo House (built by HFL supporters) which keeps child victims apart from their perpetrators while the children wait to testify in court (see previous ZoZo blog dated August 2011)    
  3. education/training for young males relating to sexual abuse, HIV/Aids and domestic violence

Please share any ideas you may have which would assist HFL and TVEP with these ‘needs.' We will provide more information on this program in the near future. Thank You!

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