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HFL Funds a Pilot Program Supporting Women's Education and Health

6/27/2019 |


In South Africa one third of girls drop out of school due to menstruation. HFL agrees with Joca Marinho, a Skills Facilitator, who claims that “It is not acceptable that a fundamental part of being a woman is a barrier to education.”

HFL and our funders believe that education and self-sustaining business opportunities are important steps towards empowering our impoverished SA women and youth. To that end HFL is underwriting a pilot program using unique self-disinfecting technology to provide basic menstrual health products to SA women.

Help HFL address this issue. Follow us and what  we hope will be progress in allowing young women to remain in school while maintaining their dignity, confidence and equal access to education.

Become involved and let us hear what you think about this new endeavor.

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