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VMS Youth Community Outreach Program

9/6/2020 |

Category: VMS

Youth on a Mission

Thanks to a recent grant from Mercury Phoenix Trust UK, four of our peer educators have been employed.  They are members of VMS HIV+ support group ‘Youth on a Mission.’  Their task is to address HIV/AIDS prevention amongst teenagers in the community.  Due to Covid, we cannot currently provide presentations at high schools, so peer educators are offering short dialogues on our local community radio and on Facebook. The four youth, working with staff, are building the content for the ‘Youth on a Mission' Facebook page.  We hope to have the page completed before month-end. 

The peer educators recently completed four days of training.  They learned how to develop and dialogue about HIV/Aids prevention and one day of training on first response counselling support.

We hope to be hearing more about their work in the future!



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