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Generosity From a Netherlands Author

6/7/2017 |


In keeping with the HFL goal of ending the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, Hijltje Vink, author of Brenda Has a Dragon in Her Blood, generously sent us her remaining French language picture books for a worthy cause.

Having read our blogs (see Blogs 9-18-12; 10-28-12; 9-2-13) an HFL friend requested our help. Thanks to Hijltje’s kindness, he will soon be traveling to Haiti and will distribute the books to needy HIV+ preschoolers.

SA children with HIV/AIDS are often discriminated against and shunned by family members. HFL is intent on helping youth end the stigma associated with this disease so they can live productive lives.

This is another example of ‘Friends helping Friends’ with a worthy cause.

Thank you, Hijltje and Brenda!


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