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TVEP’s Trauma and HIV Services

5/22/2017 |



Trauma Counselor, Nkhumi Tshivasa, spoke in detail to HFL about the 2 trauma centers staffed 24/7 by TVEP. Both trauma centers are located on the grounds of local hospitals and operate 365 days a year.  When victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse and/or severe trauma arrive, they are assigned a victim advocate who becomes their support throughout the process of medical exams, police interviews, psycho-social counseling and follow-up.  Care packages with comfort and hygiene items are provided. Up to one month of temporary shelter is available to all victims.

Additional funding would allow TVEP to create much needed support groups for the victims of “Gender Based Violence”. A support group would enable similarly affected victims to discuss their situations and concerns in a supportive, compassionate atmosphere. Currently there is zero funding available to provide support groups for these women.

If you are aware of how HFL might assist TVEP with this ‘need’, please contact us. Thank you.

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