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A Different Sort of 'Contribution'

03/02/2016 | Hope for Limpopo

Category: HFL

We have always claimed that ‘finances’ aren’t the only means of supporting Hope for Limpopo, Inc.

Encouraging friends to become followers, sharing the HFL website with others, in-kind assistance, offering personal expertise are among the many ways HFL has benefited from supporters’ generosity.

HFL is practicing what it preaches by supporting our charities in a novel way. We have purchased a membership for an online service, FundsforNGOs, which gives us access to donor profiles, grant alerts, funding opportunities, sample proposals, guides and videos that all help us to lead the 3 charities we support to better funding possibilities. This has meant more work for us but better and more varied opportunities for VMS, TVEP and TSS.

We are always open to new, creative ideas that do not involve money but would further our goals. Please let us know of any “different contributions” you might want to make. No effort is too small!

Thank You!
Hope for Limpopo

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