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Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program (TVEP)

The Thohoyondou Victim Empowerment Program is not currently receiving financial support from Hope for Limpopo. This may be due to the NGO establishing self-sustaining programs where outside support is no longer needed or no longer employing principal staff who ensure quality standards required for programs or financial management.

The Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program (TVEP), located in Sibasa, Limpopo, South Africa, provides support and advocacy to women and children survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Since opening it's doors in 2001 with a one stop Trauma Center, TVEP staff assist over 120 rape and domestic violence survivors every month. 58% of those assisted are children and 38% are under the age of 13.

TVEP staff and volunteers provide counseling, advocacy, support, access to medical examinations and anti-retroviral treatment. They work to educate and empower survivors, their families and the community, reaching out to villages and rural clinics through campaigns and workshops.

Objectives include creating a supportive environment for victims of sexual abuse and family violence and, through education and empowerment, generating an environment in which the perpetration of such crimes is socially unacceptable and no longer tolerated by the community at large.

The Thohoyondou Victim Empowerment Program establishes programs and services towards this end: "To generate an attitude of zero tolerence towards all forms of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and AIDS stigmatization in the Thulamela Municipality."

Mulalo shangoni u thoma hayani ~ Peace on earth begins at home.

A history of TVEP "No Excuse For Abuse"

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