Hope For Limpopo

“Your Help Builds Their Future”

HFL Donors Build a House for a Homeless Family

Freda, infected with HIV by her abusive husband, applied to Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program (TVEP) for assistance after he forced her and her seven children out of the family home. The following is a brief summary of her ordeal:

Freda tried to escape her violent husband several times but was unable to find protection or refuge. Finally she managed to flee with her children and go into hiding. Her husband eventually tracked her down and forcefully dragged her back where he physically beat and repeatedly raped her. While cleaning the house she found medical records confirming him as HIV+. Subsequently tests confirmed Freda was HIV+ as well. At this point his violence escalated to also include the children.

TVEP tried to advocate on her behalf many times. Because her husband had friends occupying senior positions in government departments, her protection order was rescinded. Alone, frightened and aware that the justice department, SAPS, and the local police department were unwilling to assist her, she turned once again to TVEP. Recognizing Freda s dire circumstances and her negligible alternatives, Mesikhwa, a TVEP victim advocate, decided capital needed to be raised immediately for a new home for Freda and her children.

TVEP submitted a proposal to Hope for Limpopo and without delay we were able to fund materials and building of the dwelling began.

The house keys have been officially turned over to Freda! TVEP graciously invited us to the ceremony and though we were unable to attend, we heard that HFL donors were given considerable credit and praise for the role they played in this life changing event.