Hope For Limpopo

“Your Help Builds Their Future”

ZoZo House

One of our main goals was realized today. Jenna Praschma, Sector Manager for TVEP's Access to Justice and Trauma Services, brought us to see the ZoZo Project or the Wendy House as it is sometimes called. Through the generosity of the Paul Newman Foundation, we were able to construct a small building that will serve as a combined waiting room/counseling center for young children and teenagers who have been physically and/or sexually abused and are awaiting their court appearance. The 'Wendy House' guarantees that these child-victims will have a safe area in which to wait rather than in a crowded common area with the perpetrator and his family/friends.

We were gratified to see this little wooden structure fully constructed awaiting electricity. Our next project will be to fence in a small yard ensuring the safety of the children. We've also asked Jenna to provide us with estimates for the necessary furniture and toys needed to complete this worthwhile project.