Hope For Limpopo

“Your Help Builds Their Future”

Hope for Limpopo contributes to Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony

TVEP Volunteers assist with Access to Justice, HIV Support, Trauma Centers, and Empowerment.

For every victim of rape or domestic violence reported, a volunteer is assigned to monitor the progress of police investigations and court proceedings and assist women and/or children in receiving ongoing support and counseling. Volunteers staff trauma centers, visit caregivers of children on anti-retroviral medication and vulnerable and orphaned children.

They work to educate everyone in their community on their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and HIV and social grants conducting campaigns and workshops in eight outlying villages.

In the past 12 months TVEP volunteers assisted 445 survivors of rape (20% of these were children), 1285 survivors of domestic violence (2% were children), and 40 individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. TVEP workshops and campaigns empowered 110,893 people on their rights and responsibilities pertaining to matters of gender and child violence, and reached another 950,000 through national and local radio.

None of the above could have been achieved without the commitment of these volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and skills for their community.

HFL appreciates and thanks these committed individuals, honoring their hard work through out the year, by supporting the Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony.